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Friendship Stars and Nine Patches - Quilts for Grandkids

I was looking for a simple quilt to make for my granddaughter for her 4th birthday. I only had a week to make it! I know procrastination at its best!

I was thinking that a simple pattern of friendship stars and nine patches would be quick and easy. In reality there was a lot of seams to match!

There are only a few rows of friendship stars and solid blocks. I really like the orange, aqua and pink combination. I used mostly fabric in my stash. I think this quilt turned out cute!

My granddaughter loved the panda flannel I put on the back. Her mom tells me that she never sleeps with anything but an afghan that was made for her but she asked to sleep with the her new quilt! There is no better compliment!

I quilted a simple flower and swirl pattern on the quilt with my Pro Stitcher.