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Modern DWR Quilts

I have heard from many people on the quilt boards that they don't like Double Wedding Ring Quilts.
I am not a fan of the traditional design.  I especially do not like the ones with the odd melon shapes where the rings are not round.

The very first quilt that I bought out of the department store was a double wedding ring.  It was the first time I ever spent that much on bedding!  I loved that quilt and it is still in the family. That quilt represented I time in my life were I was starting to not have to struggle for ever last dime. It is when I started my job at my current place of employment.  That was 17 years ago.

I had been looking at double wedding rings for a while and I was thinking that I would like to make one. I wanted a more modern one with out little flowers on the fabric which the one I bought had.

I bought the pattern from Sew Kind of Wonderful for their Metro Rings but never even read it. I have a problem with following other peoples patterns.  I always want to redesign …