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Color Splash DWR (Double Wedding Ring) Quilt is Finished!

The first time I remember ever seeing a Double Wedding Ring quilt was about 20 years ago.  
I had finally came to a place in my life where I could afford to get a new bedspread for my bed.  I had never spent the money to buy a bedspread! I was always too poor.

When I went to the department store I found this lovely wedding ring quilt! It was on sale but I think I paid almost $200 dollars for it! That was a big purchase for me. That quilt is still in the family, though it was a quilt from the department store I loved it just the same.

Last year I started thinking about that quilt. I thought I would like to make a double wedding ring but I didn't want it to have a bunch of flower fabric in it as in the one I bought. I also wanted the rings to be bigger. I am a trained drafter and I have always created my own patterns for all my assorted hobbies! So I went to work drafting rings in the AutoCAD program I use.  I really had no idea how the original wedding ring patterns were created but I…