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Rainbow Log Cabin Quilt

I made this rainbow log cabin quilt for my step daughter.
She sent me a picture of a similar log cabin quilt she liked and I created a pattern in EQ7. This pattern was super easy to put together. The blocks are very large. I think they are 28" blocks! This was my first log cabin quilt. I really liked piecing it together.

I have have had the top finished for a few weeks and now I am ready to quilt it. I thought about doing an all over design with my Pro Sticher but I really didn't like any of the options I looked at. So this one is going to be quilted free motion!
I haven't practiced to much free motion quilting on my longarm so it will me far from perfect. Most of my free motion quilting has been done on my Bernina.  This is the design I came up with.

I think I will change the bottom right corner feather but it is what I am aiming for. This is a huge quilt. 95" square so I wanted a large design on it. Here is what it looks like now.

I think it is looking good! I am not unh…

I need music in my sewing room!

I have been working on my sewing room all weekend.
Until last Sat. My longarm quilting machine has been sitting in my dinning room.

My kids moved out so that gave me space to move the 12' long quilting machine to the biggest bedroom! I am so happy about getting the machine out of the living / dinning room area! (Happy dance!!!!)
Taking apart this hugh machine is not for the faint of heart! My hubby didn't seem to be thrilled about it but we got it done.

I have 4 sewing machines in this room!  I had to move the longarm into the closet to fit them all into the space.  I love this space now! All that was missing was some sound! I know you were probably wondering were this was leading based on the title of the post!
I have been using my iPad to watch (more like listen to) Craftsy videos or movies but I couldn't really hear it over the sewing machine. Yesterday I decided to look at buying a speaker for my iPad or IPhone.  I spent 2 hours at Best Buy testing all the Bluetooth speaker…