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Free quilt Patterns!

I thought I would start the day off offering some of my free quilt patterns on my blog.
Most of these are available on Craftsy but I know not everyone has an account at Craftsy.

First up is a quilt I made for my Grandsons.  I call it "Which way is up!"  It is made with large flying geese.  Click for free PDF Pattern.

This quilt would look great in a variety of fabric.  I colored it in fabric from Laundry Basket Quilts and I think it would look fantastic with this color way!

Next is my "Rose Pineapple Quilt".  I love this little quilt.  The pattern does not include the appliqué you see in the picture.  It only has the paper piecing blocks. Click for Rose Pineapple Pattern.

The last free pattern for today is the Flying Kite paper pieced block.  Click here for the Flying Kite Pattern.  This is a fun block to make and a super simple paper pieced pattern if you have never tried paper piecing. I don't have a picture of the actual block I made.  I must of forgotten t…
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Restoring a 1930's Quilt

What do you do with an old quilt top?
My step Dad's wife had a quilt top her mother made that she wanted me to create two quilts with for her daughters. The sashing was coming apart and the top needed a good cleaning.  It looked like it had some type of glue on some parts of it.

At first I thought I could repair the sashing and divide the top into two as she suggested.  But the sashing was partly machine sewn and hand sewn.  Very strange.
So I decide to take it apart instead. After it was apart I soaked the whole thing in Retro Clean for a day.  Man the water was brown when I went to pull it out! I nice cold rinse and I quick toss in the dry on a cool setting.

I then Ironed and starched every piece.  After that I trimmed everything even.  The sashing was different sizes.  No wonder it looked weird.  I don't have any pictures of the before quilt top.

I had a couple of sashing pieces that were damaged by the glue that I didn't want to put back in the quilt.  Because I divide…

Accuquilt Gone to the Dogs Pattern

Wow it looks like I haven't posted anything new in two years.
My life is crazy busy. I work full-time at an awesome company as a Information Analyst and I work part-time creating quilting patterns.

Lately I have been writing patterns for our local quilt shop.  The patterns are theirs, I am just creating the final product.  I have also been writing patterns for Accuquilt. I design the patterns, choose the fabric and submit it for consideration.  If they like it then I create the pattern for them.

Recently Accuquilt put the pattern and video out on their website.  It is called Gone to the Dogs. You can see the video here on Youtube. Gone to the dogs video.  You can also find the pattern on the Accuquilt site for free! Pattern.
This is a super simple quilt to make.  It is made using Accuquilts amazing Qube dies for the Go! Cutter.  This quilt uses the GO! Qube Mix & Match 12" Block and the GO! Qube 12" Companion Set-Classics. You will need the rectangle die from the fi…

Color Splash DWR (Double Wedding Ring) Quilt is Finished!

The first time I remember ever seeing a Double Wedding Ring quilt was about 20 years ago.  
I had finally came to a place in my life where I could afford to get a new bedspread for my bed.  I had never spent the money to buy a bedspread! I was always too poor.

When I went to the department store I found this lovely wedding ring quilt! It was on sale but I think I paid almost $200 dollars for it! That was a big purchase for me. That quilt is still in the family, though it was a quilt from the department store I loved it just the same.

Last year I started thinking about that quilt. I thought I would like to make a double wedding ring but I didn't want it to have a bunch of flower fabric in it as in the one I bought. I also wanted the rings to be bigger. I am a trained drafter and I have always created my own patterns for all my assorted hobbies! So I went to work drafting rings in the AutoCAD program I use.  I really had no idea how the original wedding ring patterns were created but I…

Road to California Quilt Show

I live in California, Bakersfield to be exact!
Last week was the Road to California Quilt show in Ontario, Ca. My friend and I decided to go last Friday.  I wasn't feeling great that day so I asked my husband to go along and drive us down to Ontario.  He is such a good sport.  He carried around my purple backpack for me and talked to all the longarm reps about their machines.

He even told me to get a new machine because I said I liked the way the APQS machine stitched! Crazy guy! I was tempted but I am a little more practical.  I have been trying to plan for retirement so I don't go too crazy on my spending.  I will be 51 in a few days but I only want to work until 60 if I can.

I thought I would post some pictures of the quilts from the quilt show.

I loved this butterfly quilt! I didn't catch the names of all the makers so forgive me if I don't post them. 

Here is my husband admiring one of the quilts!  The show got an interview from him to see why he was there! He kind of …

Color Splash DWR - Ring in the new year!

Can you believe it is 2015!  
Time seems to go by so fast!  I started off the new year with a cold! Everyone in my office was sick. I think it started with the guy that insisted on coming in when he had the flu! We listened to him cough and blow his nose for weeks! Ugh!

So what have you been working on this year?  I am still working on my DWR quilt, Color Splash. It is on the quilting frame right now. I think I can finish it this weekend, at least I am hoping I will.
I have double batting in this quilt. The first layer is Bamboo (love!!) and the second is wool.  I wanted the quilting to stand out which is the reason I added the wool.

It took 30 minutes to quilt each center and there are 9 of them. I am going to revise the quilting pattern so that it stitches faster for any future projects.

This is a picture of the quilt before I started quilting it.  I am working on the pattern and I should have it available for purchase soon.  Writing instructions is not an easy task!

The first center I q…

End of the year catch up!

The year is almost over.  
Here are some things I have been working on.

I finish my little Christmas Tree Paper Pieced quilt pattern.  My son had filmed a video of me making it that I wanted to post on my website, but he has been distracted and hasn't finished it.

If you are interested in the pattern it is located on my website.   Please understand that I wrote the instructions quickly because I meant to also post the video.  If my son completes it I will.

I know this is really late in posting this since Christmas is over, but you could always just make it a tree quilt!

I also created a small quilt for the turkey hand contest at work.  So I won second place.  I didn't see the first place winner.

I just realized that the turkey is missing his eyes in this picture!  They must of came off when I brought it home.  Just picture it with those movable eyes!  I will have to find some more eyes to put on it.

I finished quilting a …