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Quilts with stars! Stars Oh My!

I have been working on a new quilt pattern that I made in EQ7!

All the fabric for this quilt came from Joann's. I know there will be quilters out there that will cringe at the thought but I am an equal opportunity quilter! I have a quilt that I  started in the early 90's and finished a few years ago that is made from this type of fabric. I have washed it a lot and have never had any issues with it.

If you look closely you can see that the whites don't match in some places.  This quilt is very far from perfect but I really do love it!

I have been in quilt stores where I have over heard the owner criticizing a new quilter for her fabric selection that came from a big box fabric store. It really made me angry. When you start out with any new hobby you usually start off with the cheapest material to test the waters and hone your skills. It really doesn't make sense to buy expensive fabric when you are not sure of the out come.

Most quilters from the  old days used whatever …

Rainbow Log Cabin Quilt - Finished Quilt Pictures

Just an update on some of my finished quilts. I finished the Rainbow Log Cabin. I love this quilt! I am thinking about making a black, red and white version.

I think next time I will do the feathers different. I am getting much better at them since making this quilt.
Next is the star quilt.  I love the pattern for this quilt.  It was one I designed with my EQ7 software.  This was the first time I have ever tried making star blocks.  I learned a lot about what not to do with bias edges!   This quilt Now resides with my daughter.  The quilt is queen size about 96x96.

I quilted this with an edge to edge feather design on my computerized longarm.